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Five of best vintage Hi-Fi receivers

Five of best vintage Hi-Fi receivers

Vintage Hi-Fi receivers, a treasure trove of audiophile delights from the 1970 to 1985 period, are more than just relics of the past. For many they represent a pinnacle in the evolution of sound technology, offering a unique blend of warmth, depth, and character that many modern systems strive to emulate. In our opinion here are five to consider if they come up for sale. So, why consider these antiques?

Unmatched Sound Quality

The foremost benefit of vintage Hi-Fi receivers is their unparalleled sound quality, assuming you prefer detailed and musical over detailed and crisp. These...

Yoshiaki Sugano's Legendary Supex 900s Moving Coil Cartridge

The Supex 900 Super is an iconic moving coil phono cartridge, revered by audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts for its exceptional musical quality and significant contribution to the history of high-fidelity audio reproduction. This post delves into the creation, history, and musical qualities of the Supex 900 Super, a piece of audio equipment that has left an indelible mark on the world of analog music playback.

Supex 900s Yoshiaki Sugano moving coil cartridge

The Creation of Supex 900 Super

The Supex 900 Super was born out of the golden era of vinyl playback, a...

A brief history of vinyl records

Vinyl records have a rich and interesting history dating back over 100 years. Here is a timeline of some of the key moments in their development:

Late 19th century:

The first commercial sound recordings are made on cylinders and disks made of materials like wax, tin, and celluloid. Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor, is credited with creating the first commercially successful sound recording device, the phonograph, in 1877. The phonograph used a cylindrical wax cylinder wrapped in tin foil to record and play back sound. Edison's phonograph was primarily used for recording and playing back spoken messages, such as...