What makes Vinyl Clear different?

Proudly made in the UK

We have been manufacturer of exceptional vinyl record cleaning fluids for over 20 years. Unlike others we do not import cleaning fluid from China. Vinyl Clear record cleaner is formulated and manufactured by us in the UK. This is the only way we can maintain our (and your) exacting standards.

Totally Professional

We are a professionals that supply the audio and music industry.  We have high and exacting standards. We are the opposite of the many backstreet chemists and enthusiastic amateurs that sell cheap, untested and unregulated vinyl cleaning fluids.

Credible Third Party Endorsements

In a crowded and largely unregulated industry, full of exaggerated seller claims, Vinyl Clear is the only product endorsed by credible third parties; Abbey Road Studios, Lenco Turntables, QVC, the Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail. Vinyl Clear is the only vinyl record cleaning fluid to be certified by Abbey Road Studios award winning mastering engineers. We also supply other professional recording studios and some quality audio retailers.

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For more detail on our third party endorsements visit our Timeline page.

More About Our 'Deep Track Cleansing' Fluid

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