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Vinyl Clear Kit Instructions For Use

1. Choose a flat, stable, clean surface on which to place the larger microfibre cloth
2. Lay the vinyl to be cleaned onto the cloth.
3. Using a semi-circular motion, spray the fluid directly onto the surface of the vinyl, avoiding the centre label. Allow fluid to penetrate and clean for 5-10 seconds before wiping (longer for badly soiled records).
4. Depending on the condition of the vinyl 2-3 sprays per side should be sufficient for an LP record, 2 sprays for a 45rpm record.
5. Use the other cloth to wipe around in a circular motion at least three times around the record. Then wipe from the inner edge of the record to the outer edge at an angle of 45 degrees until dry.
6. Repeat if necessary.
7. Flip over and repeat on the other side.
8. Leave the record to dry on the stand for a minute before playing.

Stand Assembly

1. Place stand onto stable base. Fold up top of stand.
2. Fold up locator tab.
3. Hook locator tab into top of stand and adjust to required height
4. Place record onto stand to dry.

Stylus Clear Instructions For Use

1. If possible remove the stylus from the cartridge.
2. With the stylus face up, pointing towards you, apply the fluid with the brush applicator.
3. Start at the rear of the stylus working towards you.
4. Allow to fully dry before replacing.

Vinyl Cleaning Fluid Kit Refill and for use in Record Cleaning Machines (RCM’s)

Vinylclear Deep Cleansing Fluid solution strength is formulated for medium soiled records (classified as records that haven’t been wet cleaned in the last
5+ years).

If used in a RCM the fluid can be diluted down by 50% for lighter cleaning. Should you do this only use deionised water as tap water will contain
contaminants that may remain on the vinyl.

Turntable Oil Instructions For Use

1. Shake the bottle before use.
2. Remove the bearing spindle from the housing as per the manufacturers instructions.
3. Clean spindle and bearing housing – Isopropyl alcohol is ideal for this purpose.
4. Coat the spindle with oil using the brush applicator.
5. Depending on the bearing type you may need to treat, coat or fill the bearing with oil.
6. Reassemble the spindle.