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We are delighted to share our passion and knowledge with like-minded individuals who are walking the vinyl record path. We know that collecting and listening to vinyl can be for some, much more than a pastime, it’s a journey, a quest for audio perfection. Our hope is that this resource centre helps you along that path.

Below are links to all of the artices that we have published on our website on the noble art and science of audio reproduction. If you have a subject that you'd like to be covered, just email us and we'll put it on the list.

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vinyl record cleaning techniques and best practice book

Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines

A depth review of best cleaning practices and techniques with a focus on the different types of Record Cleaning Machines currently available

Why choose vinyl over digital?

Sounds like a simple enough question, both have their positives and negatives. But we're unashamedly biased, so here are some benefits of using vinyl records over other media for sound reproduction:

A brief history of vinyl records

Vinyl records have a rich and interesting history dating back over 100 years. Here is a timeline of some of the key moments in their development:

The science of sound

To better understand the relationship between the humble record groove and the stylus, it’s useful to go back to the basics of how sound works.

Curious about the equipment we use? Here's a comprehensive list of our stylu, carts, turntables, pre amps, amps and speakers.

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