Vinyl Clear Timeline

Wasn't it Hi Fi World that said "the best upgrade you can make to your hi fi is to clean your records"? After decades (yes we are that old) of using poorly performing 3rd party cleaning fluids, we decided we could do a better job ourselves. Especially as most were and still are made by enthusiastic amateurs as a hobby, which then is turned into home business.

Starting with the science and with contributions from professional music and chemical composition specialists, we began to research and formulate what became Vinyl Clear Deep Track Cleansing Fluid.

Once the basic formulation was tried and tested, it was used initially for home use, then as our confidence in the product grew, given to family, friends and music professionals to try and feedback.

Vinyl Clear fluid formulation was improved and optimised, it hasn't changed since, because it's as good as we can make it.

We developed the first 'complete cleaning kit' consisting of Record Cleaning fluid, Stylus Clear fluid, microfibre cloths and a drying stand. This was made available to other audiophiles via our website.

Other related products were developed, e.g. Refill Packs, different sizes bottles and kits.


Created our first listing on Ebay and dispite our 'home studio' photography the kit sold well.


Created our first Amazon listings and upgraded our images to give more of a high key style. It's a look that we've stuck with since.


Vinyl Clear chosen by and featured on the Daily Mirror Offers, Guardian and Daily Telegraph Shop websites.

Vinyl Clear chosen by and featured on the Tesco Direct website


A joint offer of Lenco/Vinylclear products was broadcast on QVC in March 2016. From all the products available, Vinylclear was the only vinyl record cleaning fluid that passed strict quality controls so was chosen by Lenco Turntables as it's vinyl record cleaner partner.


Now we're really pleased that the world famous Abbey Road Studios chose us to develop and make a Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit for them. Especially as they blind tested all of the credible alternatives prior to making us their choice.

As Abbey Road Studios posted at the time "Here's our brand-new Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit. Certified by our award-winning mastering engineers." That's praise indeed.

Vinyl Clear Record cleaning Fluid Concentrate 

Vinyl Record Record Cleaning Machine fluids and Concentrate added to the range.

tnt records store of the year 2019

Record store of the Year, TNT RecordsBarrow-in-Furness choose to become a Vinyl Clear stockist.


During lockdown we developed our own Superior Quality microfibre cloth, that delivers a deeper clean than ordinary microfibre cloths. It's distinctly grey because our research revealed that grey is the best colour to show up vinyl dust that's been removed by the cloth. We intend to introduce it to our entire range over the course of the next year.


phonica records soho london vinyl clear stockist

Phonica Records, Poland Street, Soho London become a Vinyl Clear stockist.